BLACK PAGE Dot Grid & LINED Journals and Notebooks

The search for a perfect notebook can be an endless journey at times. And even more so with important note and comments and the need to review it regularly. In that case, a dot grid notebook is the best possible choice. It’s the perfect notebook for clean and precise notes and the freedom to draw diagrams and illustrations clearly. The dots on the internal dot grid paper are spaced 5 mm apart, creating a very flexible layout for design, creating your own “bullet style” journals, drawing, pen entries and many more possibilities. We love the simplicity of connecting the dots to make boxes, tables and more. Easily track your ideas, appointments and goals, use spreads to plan your day, week or month. There are 100 dot grid pages on crisp white paper. The paperbacks are 7.4 x 9.7 inches; easy to tuck in a backpack or carrier.

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Eternal Love Black page journals

You are a rebel with spirited attitude, mixed with a bit of goth, glam, punk rock and music festival fashion. You love to go against the grain. You are back of the class, front of the club! You are striving to be better every single day and ever-evolving and growing, flaws embraced. You’re the “in progress”. bad ass to the core, ever-evolving and growing, striving to be better every. damn. day, flaws encouraged. For those who know how to own it, and have the confidence to just be themselves.


My Love Never Dies Black Page Journals